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Starting a new hair-care routine can often be a challenge – it can take months of trial and error with different products, figuring our exactly what works with your hair and what doesn’t. This is why we’ve made it easier for you. We’ve put together the basic steps on how you can build a perfect hair-care routine from scratch, which will get your hair looking its best every single day!

Figure out your hair type 

The first step to an effective hair care routine is determining your hair type. This way, you’ll be able to build your routine around your exact needs and goals. 

It shouldn’t be too hard to determine your hair type – there’s no need to overcomplicate things, getting a general idea of your hair’s behaviour is the idea here. You’ll be able to gauge your hair type just from how it looks and feels. Simply looking at it will tell you enough about whether it’s straight, wavy, curly or coiled. Then consider how much volume your natural hair has without any added product, or simply feel the strands themselves, and this will help tell you whether your hair is leaning on the thin, medium or coarse side, or whether it fall somewhere between them. 

Figure out your hair concerns and needs 

Now that you’re well acquainted with your natural hair and its behaviours, you can consider what your main hair concerns, or what you want to focus on. In essence, think about what your hair goals are! Are you looking to control excess frizz, do you want to add shine or volume to your hair, some extra definition, or deal with damaged hair, or a combination? Whatever it may be, knowing what end goal you’re after will make the next few steps much easier and quicker for you.   

Build a hair washing routine

How frequently you should ideally wash your hair is mostly dependent on your hair type. Of course, your own lifestyle is a major part of this, but this is a general guideline you can use. For hair that’s on the straighter or wavy side, washing just once or twice a week is adequate. Use a gentle shampoo that’s sulphate free, as this can dry out the scalp, or one that’s specific to your hair concerns. Those with curly and coiled hair, on the other hand, are better off washing their hair less frequently, as curly hair will tend to take longer to get oily. Again, use a hydrating shampoo. To enhance your curls and ensure they don’t lose their definition, concentrate your conditioner from the mid to the ends of the hair. In general, leave in conditioners are suitable for all hair types, and using this on damp hair after showering will lock in even more hydration. 

Build a hair drying routine

For straight and wavy hair, towel dry your hair of excess water, and use lighter products such as a mousse, so that your hair doesn’t get weighed down. For curly and coiled hair, you’re better off steering away from a towel dry, since it’ll likely cause frizz. Instead, apply a light mousse or curl enhancing cream when your hair is wet, and then leave to air dry. 

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