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You have probably heard of clarifying shampoo – but you are still using the regular kind. In this article, we are going to present a complete guide to clarifying shampoo, and if and how you can use it to achieve your best hair.

Let us begin with regular shampoo. The purpose of shampoo is to clean your hair, like the soap you would use on your hands and body. Over time, especially if you are using a low-quality shampoo, you will get a build-up of oils and products in your hair. The build-up can be both from the shampoo directly, and from your shampoo failing to do its job to remove the vestiges of styling products and oils that get into your hair.

A clarifying shampoo is designed to strip away that build-up, leaving your hair in a very clean state. They are more effective than regular shampoos at taking away anything that should not be there. Often, clarifying shampoos are used prior to salon treatments that require a clean base to start from. Another reason you might use a clarifying shampoo is to give your hair a bit of a refresh. If you have been using the same products for a long time, a clarifying shampoo can work wonders on your hair and give it more body and bounce for a healthier appearance.

You can readily buy clarifying shampoo outside the salon setting, and it can be used safely at home. They are available at a range of price points and can be purchased from hair supply stores and pharmacies. If you are not sure which clarifying shampoo would be best for your needs, ask your stylist for a recommendation at your next appointment.

The flip side of clarifying shampoos being supremely effective is that they are also quite harsh on your hair. They should be used only on an occasional basis. As a rule of thumb, you should restrict your use of clarifying shampoo to no more than once per month. 

Once you notice your hair is starting to look a little limp or has a build-up that will not wash away, it is time to do a clarifying routine. Many people swear by using clarifying shampoo just once every two or three months. Focus your efforts on the roots of your hair, which tend to get more greasy due to the natural oils from your scalp. Do not be afraid to vigorously massage in the shampoo to make sure that it gets through all of your hair. Make sure to follow your clarifying shampoo with a moisturising conditioner so your hair feels both clean and luscious.

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