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A regular hair cut or trim is a necessity to keep your hair in its optimal condition. This piece of folk wisdom is something that we all know, but in today’s blog we delve into the reasons why getting your ends cut is beneficial. At Radical Hair, we are adept in all types of style cuts and trims, and also specialise in extreme or novelty hair colours. We know that trimming is necessary for anyone’s hair, but even more so when that hair has been subjected to chemical processing such as colouring. A small trim every two to three months keeps your hair in its best condition.

The main benefit of regular hair trims is that it removes the splits which accrue at the ends of your hair. Every few months, an untrimmed hair will begin to split, which is not only unsightly but also can cause further damage if left unchecked. Counterintuitively, if you want long and luscious hair, getting regular trims are necessary pit-stops along the way. While trimming cannot make your hair grow any faster (as one urban myth would claim), it does ensure your hair is not ridden with split ends.

Secondly, another benefit of regular trims is they allow you to get more mileage out of your style cut. Every haircut requires maintenance, especially if it is a short, layered, or otherwise complicated style. A trim will have your hair looking fresh even though you have not done anything really new to it. At Radical Hair Design, we do plenty of modern and edgy style cuts, and always recommend regular trims for maintenance for as long as the client wishes to keep their style.

A third benefit of getting trims every few months is that it gives the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. Blunt ends ensures you do not get that tail effect which can befall long hair. While your hair is not in fact any thicker for having a trim, the illusion is a powerful one which can greatly improve the appearance of your hair.

Regular trims also make your hair easier to style using heat. It is best to avoid heat treatment where you can as it is not good for your hair, but it is often the only way to get the look and style that you want. If you are using straightening or curling irons, or regularly blow dry your hair, it is even more important to keep it in good condition including by getting regular trims. Damaged ends respond less well to heat treatment, so you can end up with rather uneven textures if your roots are healthy while your ends are ratty. A trim means that the hair you have to work with is a more consistent texture.

Finally, regular trims can make it easier to groom and detangle your hair. Long hair, especially if it is in poor condition, can get quite knotty. This is time consuming to care for and may result in the loss of more hair as it gets caught in the knot. Healthy ends are less likely to find themselves in a tangle.

To book your appointment for a hair trim in Sydney, get in contact with us at Radical Hair Design. We can be reached by phone on (02) 9651 3200 or email on info@radicalhair.com.au.


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