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Achieving shiny and healthy hair takes effort. Those with beautiful, healthy-looking hair were rarely born that way; rather, they cultivate their appearance with careful daily habits to keep their crowning glory looking its best. The good news is that once you have established good hair habits, it is simple to have stunning, shiny hair.If your hair is slightly neglected, it is recommended to get a cut and a treatment so you have a good starting point. A trim to remove the bulk of your split ends will prevent your hair from looking tired or ratty. A blunt end can give the appearance of thicker hair. At Radical Hair Design, we can work with you to create a style cut which brings out your best features. A salon treatment for your hair type will also breathe new life into your hair. You may also consider a semi-permanent colour to enhance your natural colour and create the appearance of shiny hair.

Once you are home from the salon, it is time to implement some regular habits to keep your hair looking beautiful. You may not want to hear it, but limiting heat treatment makes a huge difference to your hair’s health. Skip blow-drying and straightening or curling irons when you can. If you are blessed with natural waves or curls, the right cut and product can bring out your hair texture without using the blow-dryer. On days when you must heat treat, use a product to protect your hair prior to applying heat.

At-home treatment products can improve the appearance of your hair in between salon visits. You must find the right product for your hair type in order to get best results. Curly or thick hair usually does well with a hair serum or oil, while leave-in conditioners are often better for fine hair. You can even leave some products in overnight for healthy, soft hair the next day. Best of all, if your hair is well hydrated you may find you have less need to use heat to create your daily style.

Minimising hair washing can also help you achieve the hair appearance you desire. If you are guilty of washing your hair every day, see if you can drop down to every second day. Washing your hair just once or twice a week is suitable for most hair types. Over-washing your hair can be damaging, resulting in thinner, less healthy-looking hair.

Using shine sprays is a shortcut to achieving eye-catching, reflective hair. While sprays do not improve the condition of your hair, they do provide a pleasant effect. Shine sprays are available at a variety of price points, from those in the hair aisle of your local supermarket to high-end salon products. A quick spray on your finished hairstyle will provide hours of shine.

Finally, some swear by washing their hair in cold water. Using water that is far too hot will damage your hair, while using cold water – at least at the end of your shower – will leave it looking sleek and shiny.

At Radical Hair Design, our stylists look forward to helping you achieve your best hair. To book your hair appointment in Sydney, please call Radical Hair Design on (02) 9651 3200. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us through our web form or via email at info@radicalhair.com.au.


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