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At Radical Hair Design, we are adept at superior colour creations and boundary-pushing styles. We also have seen our fair share of colour corrections. It is a common enough predicament: you want to do something new with your hair, and have some fun doing it yourself at home. With home hair dye jobs, it is always a risk. Sometimes it looks good (despite the ensuing damage to your hair), and sometimes it turns out to be a total tragedy. In today’s blog, we will go through what you should do if you have found yourself to be suffering a self inflicted box hair dye disaster.

The most important advice is: do not try to cover it with another box dye. If you have gone too light, too dark, or – worse – too spotty or streaky, another box dye job will only worsen your woes. Remember, the more damage you inflict, the more difficult it will be for a hairdresser to salvage your hair when you eventually succumb and head to the salon.

If you have used a temporary or semi-permanent dye, and your hair has not been previously bleached, you are in luck – you probably do not need to do anything to fix your hair, other than a little time and shampoo. Generally these dyes only remain in your hair for six to eight washes, so this is all you need to wait before it fixes itself. Be aware that there may be some staining to the hair after this time. There are techniques to lift a temporary or semi-permanent dye from your hair faster, but if you can, it is best to be patient rather than damage your hair using these remedies.

Using permanent box dye is where you will have to take action to make your hair look presentable. This is especially the case if you have lightened your hair at home. In this circumstance, you have no option but to go to a professional. Be honest with the stylist about the products you used, so they are able to best treat your hair. You may be able to get the look you desire – with the help of a hairdresser! – it just depends on how bad the damage is. It is common for hairdressers to see someone come in with botched bleached hair – this can in some cases be turned into highlights without causing too much further distress to the hair.

In some cases, it can be advisable to wait before attempting a recovery mission. If you can bear keeping your hair carefully hidden for a week or so, this can get you a better result. Dyeing your hair twice in two days is a stressful event – delaying the cover-up can prevent further breakage in your hair. It is best to call us, explain the situation, and ask if you should delay before coming in – we will be able to advise what would get the best results in your situation.

Regardless of the source of your hair woes, we at Radical Hair Design in Sydney will be able to perform colour corrections and treatments, resulting in hair that you will love. Book an appointment with us, or call to find out more. We can be reached by telephone on (02) 9651 3200.


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