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Whether you’ve recently coloured your hair brown, platinum blond or bright pink, hair that’s been treated with colour needs to be taken care of properly, to make sure that your new style is long-lasting, fresh and sleek.

Post treatment hair care is just as important as the in-salon treatment itself, if not more important! Establishing and sticking to good hair-care habits can make a huge difference when it comes to maintaining your fresh new locks. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips on how you can ensure that your coloured hair stays looking luscious for as long as possible. 

1. Turn down the temperature 

Although hot showers feel relaxing and luxurious, they are far from ideal for your coloured hair. Water that’s too hot can end up making your hair dryer and cause dullness in the colour. Instead, try to make sure that the water temperature is only slightly warm. The water will be warm enough to cleanse, but not hot enough to strip the moisture from your hair. Additionally, after cleansing and conditioning, rise your hair with cool water – this will better seal in the colour.

2. Wash your hair less often 

Definitely avoid washing your hair everyday if you want to keep your colour lasting longer. Not only will this prevent your colour-treatment from fading, but it also ensures that the essential oils that are naturally produced are retained, ultimately helping keep your hair more hydrated and healthier overall. 

3. Cut back on the heat 

Heat strips away colour and can lead to try, damaged hair. Try your best to minimise your hair’s exposure to heat styling tools. This includes straighteners, curling rods, and even means opting for an air dry instead of a blow dry when you can. On those days when you do use heat, using a heat protectant spray is essential. The ingredients in heat protection products will prevent excess heat damage, and ensure that moisture isn’t lost from your hair, helping to maintain its beautiful colour. 

4. Get trims frequently 

Your hair will naturally become more prone to damage after colouring it, so the maintenance of your hair becomes even more important. Colour fades faster on split ends, so to get a fresher look, make sure that you’re getting those dead ends trimmed regularly – ideally, every 6 to 8 weeks. 

5. Avoid chlorine 

The chlorine in pools can cause your brand-new colour to fade faster and can even cause it to discolour and lose its beautiful shine. Protect your hair by creating a protective barrier between the chlorine water and your hair. This can be done by applying a layer of any leave-in conditioner to your hair before heading to the pool. This will help ensure that chlorine doesn’t penetrate through to your hair and strip its colour.

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