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Frizzy hair is something that almost all of us deal with to some extent, and it’s mainly a result of damaged or dry hair. When hair is dryer, it looks for any moisture that it can absorb. The result of your dry hair absorbing moisture up so quickly is the frizz. Often times, using heat styling tools, colouring your hair too often, or washing your hair too often will lead to damaged hair, which in turn will tend to be dryer. Ultimately, this too will increase the frizziness of the strands, and make it difficult to manage and style.  

For those days when you are struggling to take control of your frizz, we’ve gathered our top tips and tricks that’ll help you achieve good hair days every day!

1. Get rid of split ends 

Getting regular trims to get rid of those dead ends is essential to preventing overly frizzy hair. Split ends left unattended will travel up the strands, causing damage to your hair, and in turn, more frizz. Getting that touch up every 6-8 weeks will reduce frizz while keeping your locks looking fresh and slick for longer.

2. Choose your hair products wisely

Watch out for hair products that have alcohols listed high on its ingredient list. More often than not, these products will cause your hair more dryness by stripping away moisture as they cleanse. For all hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and leave in products, opt for ones with hydrating ingredients such as glycerin, to give you that smooth, nourished look. 

3. Turn down the temperature 

Hot water is far from ideal if you want to achieve hydrated and sleek looking hair. Make sure that when you’re washing your hair, the water is just warm, and not too hot, as again, this can strip the moisture from your hair, resulting in dryer hair. With a lack of moisture, your hair will turn very frizzy very quickly, especially in more humid environments. 

4. Lay off on the heat 

Using heat styling tools may seem to take care of frizzy and unruly hair for a night, but the opposite happens in the long run if these tools are used at too high of a temperature. Over time, the excess heat being applied to your hair will cause damage and dryness, both of which will leave your natural hair frizzier and even harder to manage. Try to lay off the excess use of heat tools to help your hair regain its natural moisture and shine. If you have to use heat tools, ensure that you use a heat protectant product beforehand. Additionally, instead of amping up the temperature to get the job done faster, opt for a lower temperature for minimal heat damage. 

5. Reduce friction against your hair 

Towel-drying your hair with an abrasive towel will disrupt and lifts the hair cuticle, in turn causing increased frizz. Instead, opt for a micro-fibre towel to dry your hair. This will decrease the abrasion against your strands. Sleeping on silk pillowcases instead of rougher cotton ones will also help you achieve silky smooth hair every morning! 

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