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Like every hair texture and pattern, taking care of spiral curls is all about finding products and a routine that compliments the natural behaviour of your hair. We’re here to guide you on the best way to take care of your spiral curls, so that they’re looking bouncy, voluminous and full of character! 

Look for products that are rich in moisture 

One of the most important things to realise is that your curls will hold their structure much better if they are well moisturised. If they’re dehydrated, you’ll see much more frizz, and a lack of definition in your strands. To achieve this, look for products that are moisture heavy, and ones that don’t have sulphates in them, as these tend to dry out the hair. 

Rethink your post hair-washing routine 

Curly hair is definitely more prone to becoming frizzy with the slightest wrong move, and creating too much friction and movement in your strands in the sure fire way to creating way too much frizz. 

This is why it’s extra important for those with extra curly hair to blot and pat your hair dry rather than rubbing a towel against it or using a scrunching method. The friction experienced when rubbing or scrunching your hair to dry it will actually create unwanted texture and frizz because the cuticles become roughened in the process. 

The ideal way to take care of this is to instead, use a soft micro-fibre towel or cloth or a soft T-shirt. This way, you’re reducing any extra friction on the hair, so we only keep the texture we want and nothing more! 

Take extra care in the way you style your hair 

With styling your hair, remember that often times, less is more. We’re looking to keep as much of your hair pattern and definition as possible, and if you mess around with it too much, it might lose its definition and structure.  

The rule of thumb is to do as much of the styling as you can right after you wash and towel dry it, when your hair is still wet or damp. All the detangling should happen when your hair is still wet. This is when you should also apply the bulk of any styling products you use. 

Section out your hair and work a styling cream through the sections, creating perfectly shaped curls to compliment your natural hair texture. 

Diffuse your hair for a quick dry 

In most cases, you’re better off air drying your hair to limit any more friction placed on the hair. Blow-drying it instead can cause too much movement, as well as too much heat, which will strip your hair of some of its moisture, leading to some unwanted extra frizz. 

However, we understand that sometimes you need your hair to be dry on the go. In these situations, always use a diffuser attachment to your normal blow-dryer. This will ensure that the air and heat are dispersed more evenly throughout the strands, and it’ll dry the curls in place with minimal movement compared to an ordinary blow dry. 

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