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Regular trims are key to maintaining the health and appearance of your hair. Whether you have long tresses or a short and choppy style cut, your hair will look its best if it is given regular maintenance and attention. Read on for the top signs that it is time for you to get a hair cut or trim.

Split ends are the equivalent of a neon flashing sign that it is time to get to a hair salon. They are unsightly and can inflict further damage to your hair as they travel upwards. There is no way to repair split ends – if such a miracle product existed, it would be priceless! Unfortunately, the only way to be rid of split ends is to cut them off. When you start noticing split ends, it is best to book your hair appointment before the damage spreads any further.

However, you should not be relying on split ends as the sole barometer of when you should get a trim. If your hair is starting to look somewhat limp and lifeless, a trim or even a style cut will solve the problem. This is the case even if your hair cut is rather plain. Because your hair sustains damage and each hair grows at its own rate, eventually your hair will start to look limp or even ratty if it does not get the requisite maintenance. Regular trims will stave off this unkempt look – but a trim at least every couple of months for long hair, and every six weeks for shorter styles, will have you always looking polished.

Having hair of noticeably different lengths (provided that’s not the look you are going for) is another signal that it is time for a trim. While you leave the hairdresser with a satisfying blunt edge to your ends, over time this grows out. Once your ends start to get untidy, it is high time for a trim.

For short styles, it is more obvious that you need a trim because your style will lose its shape. As a rule of thumb, if you have a pixie cut or similar short style, you will need regular trims every month to keep it looking neat. Even if you have decided to grow out your hair, having frequent trims will help you avoid the awkward length stage. Your stylist will be able to advise the best approach to grow out a short style while keeping your hair looking healthy and beautiful.

Frequent knots and tangles are another sign that it is time for a cut or trim. Hair tangles more easily when it is dry and damaged, and this becomes a cycle as you suffer breakages while combing your hair. A trim can help your hair retain its condition.

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