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For those of us blessed with voluminous, bouncy, natural curls, while they are irresistibly gorgeous, they can be a whole challenge in itself to take care of and manage. Keep reading to hear our tips on how you can make simple changes in your haircare routine to get the best out of your curls, so that they’re looking and feeling glossy and nourished every single day!

Deep condition your hair regularly for extra nourishment 

Curly hair will naturally tend to be dryer than straight or wavy hair. This is because the natural oils produced at your roots take much longer to travel through the curls to reach the ends of your hair. Because of this, it’s important to give your locks some extra love by using a nourishing conditioner that complements your curls. This will make sure that your curls remain defined, and that they don’t become so frizzy that they lose their structure. If your hair tends to lean on the frizzier side, La Biosthétique’s Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner Pack will do a great job at taming it. Use a leave in conditioner to lock in a good amount of moisture too. To manage and protect your hair against any excess frizz after washing and conditioning your hair, apply a light anti-frizz serum to the middle to ends of your hair too. 

Revamp your haircare routine 

To take the best care of your curls, you’re better off using styling products while your hair is still wet, straight after your shower. This will ensure that the moisture is locked in, and also allows you to distribute the product into your hair easier. If you were to apply product in your hair after it’s already dried instead, you risk losing definition in your curls while distributing the product through your strands. 

Reconsider your hair drying routine

Definitely avoid drying your hair by rubbing an abrasive towel against your strands, as this will disrupt the hair cuticle, creating a layer of frizz. Instead, try using a micro-fibre towel to get some water out, then scrunch up your hair towards your head to get rid of excess moisture.

It’s important to dry your hair extra gently to avoid frizz. This is best done by using a diffuser so that the heat is more evenly distributed into your hair. Over-drying your hair with too much heat is a guaranteed way to create too much frizz, so try to just dry your hair until your strands are almost dry but not completely. Leave the rest to air dry for the best results. 

Minimise brushing your hair   

As most curly-haired guys and girls will know, over-brushing your hair is a guaranteed way to lose your beautiful, natural curls, leaving behind a mess of frizz. Instead of brushing your hair, which can be overly aggressive, detangle your hair by using a wide-tooth comb while your hair is still wet – in the shower or right afterwards. This reduces breakage in your hair too! 

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