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Fantasy hair colours are extreme and eye catching shades which are anything but natural. You may have seen vibrant hair looks on Pinterest or Instagram and have wondered if you can achieve that look. In today’s blog, we cover what you need to know before you take the plunge to fantasy hair colours.

At Radical Hair, fantasy colours are a specialty of ours – just look at our Instagram to see the beautiful and extreme looks we have created. Hot pinks, deep reds, electric oranges and eye catching lavenders are all within our repertoire. All of these have been created in the salon by our highly experienced and qualified stylists. And that brings us to our first lesson about novelty hair colours: you need a professional if you want it to look good. As fantasy colours are so bold and vibrant, it will be unfortunately conspicuous if you miss a patch or do not get even colour due to your at home efforts. Also, the processes needed to achieve the look you desire can be damaging to your hair. If you risk doing it yourself at home, you need to make peace with the fact that you may fry your hair to the point where you get breakages.

To get a fantasy colour, you will need to bleach your hair. Putting a bright colour over naturally dark locks will give you a hint of the desired colour, but it will not give you that bright cartoonish look. Bleaching the hair is the only way to achieve this. You need to begin with hair that has been bleached to be as light at possible, especially if you are angling for a pastel rather than a bright look. Lightening the hair will unavoidably cause damage. You can mitigate this by only going to a licensed hairdresser for this delicate process, so you do not end up over bleached, and by taking care of your hair afterwards using the correct products and treatments.

Maintenance is another aspect to think about when considering getting a fantasy colour dye job. Your hair naturally grows a couple of centimetres a month. Your natural colour will be jarring against the bright dyed colour. A fantasy colour takes upkeep in order to look fresh. These days, many are coveting the look of a small amount of regrowth before fading into a bold pink or red. This can be a relatively low maintenance option, as you could leave it a few months before touching up the roots.

In between getting your regrowth done, you will also need to maintain the colour as it will naturally lose brightness as you wash it. We would generally suggest a pigmented shampoo and conditioner to refresh the colour with every wash. Keep in mind that the colour will fade out, and you may be having to dye your hair with semi-permanent dye every couple of weeks to keep it looking vibrant. Keep in mind that some colours, as much as they fade, are very difficult to lift from your hair. So, if you are dyeing your hair a bright red, your hair will look reddish until it grows out. Whether you are seeking a fantasy colour or a natural look, we can help you at Radical Hair Design in Sydney. Give us a call on (02) 9651 3200 to instantly book an appointment. You can also contact us and put in a request for an appointment time through our websit


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